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Pastor Stephen's European Earnings

There has been a lot of discussion about Pastor Stephen's European Siring record so we thought we would update you all as much as we can. His siring record is very good with a lot to look forward to over the next few years. His high percentage of starters to foals born percentage rate has been a revelation with our investigations.

Pastor Stephen
Keep in mind that Pastor Stephen was tied up in a court case in Sweden since July of 2018 so that has affected his overall mares bred and foals born numbers in recent years.

From 321 Swedish born foals Pastor Stephen has 245 starters, for a foals to the races percentage rate of just over 76 percent... including a three-year-old Filly 2018 Derby Winner (Avalon Mists) Varenne dam, a Colts & Geldings 2020 Breeders Crown Winner (Officer Stephen) Here Comes Joey dam, and siring eight millionaires.

As you should be aware in Europe they do not race many two or three year olds but generally race their horses mostly as four year olds onwards.

Pastor Stephen has a good number of four and five year olds racing that are making a big impact on the recent European racing scene. For example in the 2020 German Breeders Crown Final for 5yr to 7yr olds Pastor Stephen's sons were first and third.

2020 European Breeders Crown Colts & Geldings
Distance 1900 metersPurse 560,000KR
1st - Officer Stephenby Pastor Stephen
2nd - Orlando Jetby Orlando Vici
3rd - Inspector brosby Pastor Stephen

In the recent 250,000 (Euros) German Derby, a colt by Pastor Stephen called Straight Flush (6 starts for 5 wins and one placing) was second in the elimination and final.

He has horses racing in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland and Sweden.

In 2019 Pastor Stephen had 225 starters in Europe overall with 28 stakes winners. He finished fourth on this list to Muscle Hill but still finished ahead of the great Love You, Ready Cash and Cantab Hall.

On the overall European sire list for 2020, Pastor Stephen is currently placed in the top 10 ahead of Love You, Quite Easy, Dream Vacation, and Muscle Hill.

Pastor Stephen's eight millionaires are as follows:

Son Of God (2,123,200) - out of a Viking Kronos mare
Holy Water (2,039,670) - out of a SJs Photo mare
Pastor Power (1,851,000) - out of a J.R.Broline mare
Reverend Wine (1,522,400) - out of a Vaporise mare
Religious (1,233,390) - out of a Fill V mare
Global Takeover (1,161,820) - out of a Andover Hall mare
Dream Lane (1,115,157) - out of a Good As Gold mare
Can Lane (1,027.644) - out of a Backstreet Guy

The big news is that the demand for Pastor Stephen frozen semen in Europe has been incredible. Over 300 doses (8 straws per dose) has been required by the Star Breeding group in Europe and these will be collected by December 30th, 2020.

One thing about Pastor Stephen's semen is that it is exceptionally fertile and regarded as good as it can get by Rood & Riddle Equine Facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

As a full brother to Father Patrick who now stands at US$25,000, Pastor Stephen's statistical siring record in Europe compares favorable to Father Patrick:
Pastor Stephen - 76.3 percent starters to foals old enough to race
Father Patrick - 77.9 percent starters to foals old enough to race

Father Patrick has 371 foals
Pastor Stephen has 321 foals

We at Taylor Made Stallions wish to thank all of the breeders who have contacted us since the announcement of us purchasing Pastor Stephen to stand in Indiana.

Ben Taylor

Pastor Stephen coming back to America should be a uplift for the Indiana breeders..... Jimmy Takter


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